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Trial Of Tears


Here you'll find various things (tickets, t-shirts, signed album covers, some ads) that didn't fit anywhere on the site :) Enjoy! Click on the thumbnails for a bigger version!

Systematic Chaos Poster Chaos in Motion World Tour 2007/2008 poster which I made for the 6th of June gig in Budapest, Hungary. Just as last time I wanted to get this poster signed, but again no luck...:(
My SFAM T-shirt - Front This is one of my two Scenes From A Memory T-shirts that I bought in 2000 when I first saw DT live in Budapest on the Metropolis 2000 Tour.
My SFAM T-shirt - Back ...back of the shirt
Dream Theater Simpsons Style - Front This is the shirt that came with the box edition of Live Scenes From New York which had the original flaming apple cover.
Dream Theater Simpsons Style - Back ...back of the shirt
Octavarium Wolrd Tour 2005/2006 - Front This is the shirt which I bought when I went to see Dream Theater at the Columbiahalle in Berlin/Germany on the 3rd of October 2005. The best gig I've ever been to.
Octavarium Wolrd Tour 2005/2006 - Back ...back of the shirt - I saw Dream Theater twice on this tour. The first time in Budapest/Hungary and the second time in Berlin/Germany
Touring Into Infinity '97/'98 - Front I got this shirt from a dear frind of mine and it was really a surprise. Thanks Marcsi! :)
Touring Into Infinity '97/'98 - Back ...back of the shirt
My autographed FII cd-cover My autographed Falling Into Infinity cd cover. This was signed by all 5 members during an autograph session on July 19th 2000 in a music store in Budapest, Hungary.
My autographed FII cd-cover part 2 - JM's signature Autographed Falling Into Infinity cover Part 2 :) John Myung didn't have any space left on the front.
My ticket from the Metropolis 2000 gig from Budapest And this is the ticket that I bought to go to that gig. It looks really cool and it's really well done in my opinion.
Live Scenes From New York Ad This is an ad for the triple live CD Live Scenes From New York and Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York (DVD/VHS) that I saw in a magazine and I've reproduced it, that is I've tried to reproduce it in Photoshop. :)
Scenes From A Memory Ad This is an ad for Scenes From A Memory that I've also tried to redo in Photoshop.
Dream Theater CD and DVD collection This is my ever growing Dream Theater CD and DVD collection with the latest addition Octavarium.
Dream Theater Wall This is my "Dream Theater corner" in my room at the place where I stay. It contains some older and newer posters and the Majesty symbol...
Majesty Symbol Close-up Majesty symbol close-up.
World Tourbulence 2002 Poster World Tourbulence 2002 ad poster close-up. This poster was used for the gig here in Romania.
Octavarium Poster Octavarium World Tour 2005/2006 poster which I made for the 14th of June gig in Budapest, Hungary. I wanted to get this poster signed by the band but I was unlucky. After the show I gave the poster to a crew member and told him that he should give it to Mike. I hope he did that. :)
Dream Theater Ticket 14th June 2005, Budapest, Hungary My ticket for the 14th of June gig in Budapest, Hungary. The one for the last show looked better...But it is the music that counts and not the ticket, right? :)

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