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Trial Of Tears

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Train of Thought - As I Am
As I Am
Train of Thought - This Dying Soul
This Dying Soul
Train of Thought - Endless Sacrifice
Endless Sacrifice
Train of Thought - Honor Thy Father
Honor Thy Father
Train of Thought - Vacant
Train of Thought - Stream of Consciousness
Stream of Consciousness
Train of Thought - In The Name of God
In The Name of God

Comments: When I got Train of Thought I was amazed by the music as well as the whole packaging of the CD. The artwork for this album was made by Jerry N. Uelsmann and it looks fantastic in my oppinion. It really fits the mood of the album that the pictures are grayscale. I created one wallpaper for each song and I wanted the wallpapers to look a bit "museum" like or as if the pictures in them were just hanging on the wall. My personal favorite is the Honor Thy Father one. The wallpapers were created in Bryce and there was a bit of post-processing in Photoshop. Enjoy!

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