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Trial Of Tears

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Series 6 - Band
Series 6 - James LaBrie
James LaBrie
Series 6 - John Petrucci
John Petrucci
Series 6 - John Myung
John Myung
Series 6 - Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess
Series 6 - Mike Portnoy
Mike Portnoy
Series 6 - John Petrucci ver.2
John Petrucci ver.2

Comments: My latest series is about the most recent world tour (World Tourbulence 2002). I wanted to capture some of the great moments of it and show how great this world tour was (allthough I didn't catch the gig here in Romania 'cause I had my final exam...bleh). The most interesting thing about this series is that all the big pictures of the bend members are taken from one and the same show. From the 10.07.2002 gig in Toscolano, Italy (www.italiandreamers.net), and I must say I had a pretty hard time making these wallpapers look the way I wanted them to look. But it all turned out really cool. I've created the John Petrucci one first and it was so cool that after a few days I decided to make a wallpaper series out of it and it was well worth it. This series took me some 40+ hours plus to complete. Done completely in Photoshop. Enjoy! :-)

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