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Trial Of Tears

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Series 5 - The Official Website
The Official Website
Series 5 - Falling Into Infinity
Falling Into Infinity
Series 5 - Once In A Livetime
Once In A LIVETime
Series 5 - Scenes From A Memory
Scenes From A Memory
Series 5 - Live Scenes From New York
Live Scenes From New York
Series 5 - Six Dgrees...
Six Degrees...
Series 5 - Train of Thought
Train of Thought
Series 5 - Octavarium

Comments: Series #5 is an homage to the Official Dream Theater website and it's webmaster Mark Bredius. He's been responsible for the website for the last 5 years and he did a great job in my oppinion. And because my starting page in my internet browser was www.dreamtheater.net for the past years it was a good chance for me to express how much I like this site. The series tries to reproduce the different looks that the website's been through over the years with the different albums and themes. Done completely in Photoshop. Enjoy!

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