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Trial Of Tears


In this section you'll find some wallpapers for Dream Theater bootleg CD/DVD covers that I made for Rush-Signals Productions releases, Grateful Dreams Trading releases and others. You can also download the actual covers by clicking the Download Artwork button.

This is a cover for the Graspop Festival 2005. The Graspop Festival is held once a year and it takes places in Dessel,Belgium. As you can see the setlist is pretty much made up of heavy tracks. It's a good selection in my opinion. You can find out more about this show here.
Created August 15, 2006

Graspop Festival 2005

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Razor's Edge

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I wanted to do something in Bryce again. So this ended up pretty much a bryce creation except for the text of course. Another thing I like about this cover is the font for the title. I think it really has that "edge" to it. This cover is for the 8/20/2005 show in Manchester, NH at the Verizon Wireless Arena.
Created July 19, 2006

This cover is obviously a variation on the original Octavarium cover. I just had this photo of this glass prism and I thought it would be fun to try and replace the balls on the cover with these and I think it worked out pretty well. This cover is for the 3/26/2005 show at the Paramount Theater, Asbury Park, NJ (it was my brother's 24th birthday).
Created June 20, 2006


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Finally another CD cover from me. It's been two years since I made my last cover and a few months ago Weymolith from Grateful Dreams asked me if I want to do another cover for him and I jumped right on and created this cover in a few hours. The cover is for the 3/30/2006 Boston, MA gig at the Orpheum on the Octavarium World Tour 2005/2006 tour. I created the cover using Photoshop only.
Created Mai 20, 2006

This is my first DVD artwork for a Dream Theater bootleg. I created this cover mainly for myself because I got this bootleg and I got just the discs and there wasn't any cover. I looked on the net and I found a cover but I didn't like that one so I decided to design a cover myself and here it is. The cover is for the 3/25/2004 Toronto, Ontario, Canada gig at the Massey Hall on the Train of Thought World Tour 2004.
Created February 5, 2005

Live at the Massey Hall

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Break Like The Wind

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I created this cd cover in a very short period of time. When I made this cover I was at home (normally I'm in another city where I study) and I didn't really have any Dream Theater stuff with me (majesty symbol, dt logo, fonts, pictures), but I had those 3D renderings which I made not very long ago and I wanted to show them to my brother. Those renderings were meant to be wallpapers actually, but I ended up using it for the cd cover. ;) The cover is once again for Grateful Dreams Trading for the 3/8/2004 Phoenix, AZ gig at the Celebrity Theater on the Train of Thought World Tour 2004.
Created April 14, 2004

Another artwork for Grateful Dreams Trading for the Summer 2003 American Tour. This time for the gig at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa Bay, FL, on 6/29/2003. The initial title for this boot was Escape From The Bay but then I decided to go with this new title, because I think it fits way better. I also had to make some changes to the cover to fit the new title. But in the end I was happy with the "end product". Enjoy!
Created November 16, 2003

A Labyrinth of Rules

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Nextstage Third Stage

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It was a cool experience creating this cd artwork for this boot. I had much fun experimenting with some cool new features. I also had some difficulties here and there of course, but I managed to "fight" them one way or another. :) This artwork is for the show at Nextstage, Grand Prarie, Dallas, TX at 6/25/2003 and is brought to you by Grateful Dreams Trading. Enjoy!
Created October 10, 2003

I haven't done any cd artwork for a year so it was a good chance to once again take this up and do a cover for a bootleg. The cover is for the Dream Theater & Queensryche - 07/15/03 - Pier 6 Concert Pavillion - Baltimore, MD show from the most recent Escape from the Studio Tour 2003. There are several new things about this cover. This time around it was GDT (Grateful Dreams Trading) whom I made the cover for. Then, it's the first time that I do artwork for the CD labels too. Enjoy!
Created August 22, 2003

Dreams of Queens

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The Eve Of A Cosmic Dream

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Not much to tell about this one, just that it was a bit "easier" to create because of the title itself it was more accessible than the first one. I made the front cover a bit blurry and spacy to add a feeling of dream and cosmic space to it. The back cover has a weave effect as texture or pattern, I thought this might look cool. And it turned out pretty well. The artwork is for the 5/18/1993 Buffalo, New York show from the 3rd leg of the Music In Progress Tour 1993. Enjoy!
Created August 13, 2002

This is my first attempt at making a CD cover. After gathering some experience with the wallpapers I made, and after Dave from Rush-Signals asked me to do some artwork for him I decided to try and make a cool cover for a really good bootleg. When starting the cover I wanted to make something that would apply to the title - Just Another Live Bootleg - , but with a title like this you just can't. Anyway I like the cover the way it turned out. The artwork is for the 11/1/1997 House Of Blues gig from Chicago, IL from the Touring Into Infinity tour 1997-1998.
Created August 3, 2002

Just Another Live Bootleg

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