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As promised. The new Bootleg of the Month is up and running. And I think it was well worth the wait. This time around I got something really special for all of you. But first of all a HUGE "Thank You!", to the man who "made it" and made this AMAZING bootleg available to all of us. I'm talking about Ricardo (aka RJPass on the Mike Portnoy Forum). He filmed this amazing DVD and released it and decided to share it with us and also let ME share it with all of you as part of the Bootleg of the Month feature. (yes you heard it right it, it is a DVD). I also got to thank his friend Distortion, who audio taped the show. The DVD is basically a combination of RJ's video and Distortion's audio source. And I got to say, the result is stellar. Just watched this DVD last night and it's really well made. So major props to these two guys!!! (A bit of a self plug here. The artwork for this release was done by yours truly and I'm really happy that I had the chance to be a part of this great project. On the right you can see two promotional wallpapers for this release as well.) The bootleg that you can download is simply called "Live in Los Angeles" and it is from the most recent Chaos in Motion Tour 2007, from the first U.S. leg (2007-07-27, Live at the Gibson Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA)

Notes: This video was shot in HD (High-Definition), but had to be down converted/down sampled to "normal" DVD, though it only fits on a dual-layer DVD. So make sure that you have a dual-layer capable dvd-writer and also a dual-layer blank dvd. You can't burn this onto a regular 4,5GB DVD. The torrent size is 7,3GB, so it is probably going to take a bit to download this show. There is no "direct download" for this bootleg, because that would be too much of a hassle and doesn't really make sense anyway. There might be an audio bootleg available of this show as well somewhere down the road and I'm going to offer that as a "direct download".

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year. I hope that everbody is doing well. Here's a little Christmas update for all of you (and I promise that the next bootleg of the month is coming as well in the next few days, so look out for that!). But on to the Christmas update. I uploaded three more videos. A performance of Octavarium from Vienna from the Octavarium World Tour. The second video is Dream Theater together with Queensryche performing Take Hold of The Flame. And last but not least. Dream Theater's cover of Metallica's Welcome Home (Sanitarium). I hope you enjoy these videos. There's also a Dream Theater Christmas wallpaper available. Choose your resolution from the right hand column.

UPDATE: So I thought that I should update that Christmas wallpaper, because I actually made that last year. So I spent some time on it and created a new one. Enjoy! ;-)

I know you've been probably wondering where last month's bootleg of the month went or what happened. Well, the San Diego show was really successful, so that I decided to just leave it on the site for another month in order to give many many people the chance to download this amazing recording. And needless to say this was the most successful bootleg of the month up to this point. There were over 500 downloads of this show. Thanks again to Ricardo (RJPass) for making this available to all of us.

Now on to this month's bootleg of the month. This time around I thought to make it a bit more special. You get a show from the Images and Words tour AND in addition you also get an interview with the band from that same era. Thanks to Matt (TheAntipop) for providing the interview. The bootleg itself is a pretty well-known one. It's called Lost In The Sky and it is (for the most part) a soundboard recording from Italy (Live at the Palasesto, Milan, Italy 1993-11-15). The interview is taken from a radio station from Indianapolis (1993-07-06). Click on info on the sounds page to get some more detailed info on both the show itself and the interview. Go to the Sounds section and download NOW! Enjoy!

All you great Dream Theater fans are in for a treat this month. I have a brand new bootleg up from the most recent US Leg of the Chaos In Motion Tour. This is the first concert of the US Leg. The setlist is awesome, the quality of the recording is stellar and the performance is tight. It is definitely one of the best bootlegs out there from this recent tour. The bootleg doesn't have a name, but it's the 07/24/2007 San Diego, CA show. A HUGE shout out and thank you to Ricardo (RJPass) from the Mike Portnoy Forum for recording/sharing this great bootleg with us and for allowing me to share this with all of you via my website. So if you are interested in hearing how the band sounds these days and you didn't have the chance to catch one of the shows, here's your best chance. Go to the Sounds section and download NOW! Enjoy!

It's that time of the month again. The new Bootleg of the Month is up. This month we have a bootleg from the Metropolis 2000 Tour. It's the show from The House of Blues, from Orlando, FL 03/03/2000. This shows has been webcast back in 2000. Some interesting things about the setlist: John's solo before Through Her Eyes contains Amazing Grace, they play the Dr. Evil Theme and they are also playing the When Images And Words Unite medley.

On another note. You can now pre-order Lifting Shadows: The Authorised of Dream Theater. Click on the banner above to get to the pre-order site and visit www.dreamtheaterbook.com for more infos about the book and a few new excerpts. November 2007 can't come soon enough!!!

As promised I uploaded a few more videos (4). All are from the World Tourbulence 2002. There are two great performances from Jones Beach 9/14/2002. One of them is Instrumedley and the other one is The Spirit Carries On. Then there is the Great Debate from the Beacon Theatre 3/27/2002. And last but not least, a very cool performance of Lines In The Sand with Doug Pinnick (King's X).

I also managed to add a Guestbook to the site (finally!). It would be great if you could leave a message there and tell me what you thought about the site. Thanks! ;)

You guys are in for a treat this month. I got a lot of new stuff up. But first and foremost. There is an official/authorised Dream Theater biography book coming out in a few months (see banner at the top of the page). The book is called Lifting Shadows and I can't wait to get my hands on it. You can find out all about it (and read a few excerpts) on www.dreamtheaterbook.com.

I sorted through my Dream Theater backup DVDs and noticed that I have "a few" videos in my collection that are worth sharing with all of you. So in the coming weeks/months there will be new videos up on the site as well. For a start I put up two videos from the World Tourbulence warm-up gig from New York City (1/19/2002). The two songs are The Glass Prison and Scarred. This is basically the first ever public performance of The Glass Prison. At this point I also have to thank Emre from Bootlegmania, who allowed me to share these great videos with you. So check back often in the next few weeks, because I'll be putting up some more. Go the VIDEOS section and check them out.

Our third update is of course The Bootleg of the Month. I've got an amazing bootleg from the World Tourbulence 2002. The bootleg is called Rotterdamned and yes, you guessed it, it's the 11/03/2002 show from the Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This is one of the best recordings from the tour. The sound is great and the setlist has a few really cool gems, like: Instrumedley, the original version of Lines in the Sand, Lifting Shadows Off A Dream and a cover of Iron Maiden's Children of the Damned. One thing I wanted to ask you is, that you keep seeding the torrent after you finished downloading it, to help others get it as fast as possible as well. Thanks! ;)

And last but not least. As you may or may not know, I saw Dream Theater live in Budapest on the 6th of June 2007 and I made a poster that I wanted to get signed by the band. Unfortunately there wasn't an in-store/signing session, so I couldn't get it signed. :( Better luck next time I guess. (I also did a poster 2 years ago and although there WAS a signing session, I didn't get in and I couldn't get it signed. Maybe on the 3rd try I'll have more luck).


Systematic Chaos is out finally! Go and pick up your copy at your local music store. Dream Theater also kicked off their Chaos in Motion Tour 2007-2008. They played in Italy two days ago and the setlist pretty much baffled/surprised everybody. They played the whole Images and Words album from start to finish. They of course did that, because it's the 15th anniversary of Images and Words.

The Bootleg of the Month features a show from the Touring Into Infinity, from the Japanese leg. (Don't ask me why I always pick the Japanese shows. They seem to have the best quality). The bootleg is called I Do Like You and it's from the Yokohama Bay Hall, Kanagawa, Japan from 01-10-1998. The title is a word play on one of the songs that they are performing on this particular show, called I Don't Like You and features Nicky Lemons and The Migranes. You might be wandering what band this Nicky Lemons band is. Well it's basically Dream Theater with Derek Sherinian (former key player) singing. This line-up also somewhat of a warped version of Dream Theater, just like Nightmare Cinema was. So head over to the Sounds section and check out the new bootleg.

The new batch of the Bootleg of the Month is here, but before that there is another update. As we all know Systematic Chaos is going to be released in a month and I thought that I create a wallpaper to get the excitement going even more. So check that out. There are two versions. A widescreen version for resolutions such as 1280x800, 1440x900 and 1680x1050 and then there is a regular 4:3 aspect ratio version for resolutions such as 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200 which can also be used for 1280x1024 resolution, although it's a bit stretched. I hope you all like it as much as I do. The picture I used is the cover for the Special Edition of the album.

Now on to the Bootleg of the month. I decided to continue with the next discs of Forbidden Dreams. But this time you get all 4 remaining discs at once, which is two more shows. The first show is from the Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan from the 28th of August 1993, so basically another Images and Words show but from the second Japanese leg. The second one is from the Awake tour from the Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan from the 23rd of January 1995. So go over to the sounds section and grab the SHNs or the torrent.

No updates in a loooong time. But this time around I have a huge update and something new to offer to all you great Dream Theater fans. Trial of Tears has a new feature. It's called Bootleg of the month. I will be offering a bootleg each month. These shows are going to be in either shn or flac formats (those are two lossless audio formats). You can either download the tracks right from the Sounds section or you can grab a torrent and download it with your favorite torrent client. Each bootleg is going to be available for one month and then I put up a new one at the beginning of each month. So without further ado go to the sounds page and check out this month's bootleg. It's the 11/19/1992 show from Osaka, Japan and it's from the famous Forbidden Dreams 6CD Set, which consists of...well 6 CDs and 3 shows all of them soundboard recordings. So it's a real gem. You'll also find some more information on shn and flac files and how to play them or how to convert them to wav to burn as audio discs. I hope you all enjoy this new feature. If you are having troubles of any kind with downloading these files then please contact me. This is a trial period, but I hope that it's gonna work. Some more updates coming soon!

It's that time of the year again. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you great Dream Theater fans. I hope you are having a good time and enjoy the few days off. On to the updates. Three new CD covers from me (and a wallpaper to each of those). First up is Octasbury, then Razor's Edge and last but not least Graspop Festival 2005. All these covers are for Grateful Dreams trading. You can check them out on the CD/DVD Covers page. As an added bonus I created a Dream Theater X-mas wallpaper. Hope you enjoy the new stuff.

Score has been released today. I actually got the DVD/CD on Saturday, because I'm in Germany at the moment and here it has been released 4 days earlier. And what can I say. It is AMAZING. The setlist is quite unusual and the performance is top. My favorites are: Metropolis (with the orchestra), Octavarium and Raise The Knife. I also made a wallpaper for this special occasion. It's called Score (duh) and I hope you enjoy it as much as you do the DVD/CD set.

I finished another CD cover for Grateful Dreams. The cover is for the 3/30/2006 Boston, MA gig at the Orpheum on the Octavarium World Tour 2005/2006 tour and the CD is called Orphevarium.

Well! I know there hasn't been an update for almost a year now. I was pretty busy and I didn't have time to take care of the site. But I created some new artwork and here you have it! :) I've created a wallpaper to celebrate 20 Years of Dream Theater. Then we have a wallpaper called Octavarium World Tour 2005/2006 and last but not least Never Enough. I also added some new t-shirt pictures to the Miscellaneous page. I hope you enjoy them! I also hope I can update my site more often...

The new Dream Theater album is out! It is called Octavarium and it rocks! I just got it two weeks ago and I listened to it a few hundred times :) and I can't get enough of it. I also attended my second Dream Theater gig in Budapest, Hungary. Finally after 5 years I had the chance to seeing them once again. Now on to the updates. I have a HUGE update this time around. I have been inspired right away by the new album (as you can imagine) and I finished a new series called 8V aka Octavarium (of course it happens to be the eight series). I also made a few other Octavarium themed wallpapers. You can find them here. I updated my Series 5 wallpapers with the new Octavarium look. I finished another Live at Budokan theme wallpaper which you can find here (the last on the page). I also made my first DVD cover for the Massey Hall bootleg from Toronto,Canada. And last but not least I updated the miscellaneous section with a few new pictures. I hope you enjoy all the new stuff! :)

The first update in the new year. Sorry that I post these wallpapers so late, but I just had hundred exams and I didn't really have the time to take care of anything...But here we are with four new wallpapers. Actually five, because one of the wallpapers has two versions. We start off with Live at Budokan and Live at Budokan - Lock and loll Special Edition. :) (Oh yeah, and I bought Live at Budokan in the meantime and I have to say it's the best live CD/DVD that Dream Theater has put out. The sound is top notch and the DVD is awesome. The behind the scenes stuff is really cool and of course the show itself rocks hard. It looks amazing and it sounds amazing. Does a fan want more?! I guess not :)). Then we have a John Petrucci wallpaper, called Suspended Animation. I created this wallpaper for the contest over at www.dt-x.com. Go and check that out as well, there are some really creative works over there. Then we have a Six Degrees... inspired one. It's called The Test That Stumped Them All. And finally we have a Liquid Tension Experiment wallpaper which I created a while ago and I thought I'd post that as well. So I hope you enjoy all the new stuff. And I hope I can update the site more often than once every two months. :)

University kept me busy for the past few weeks and I hardly could find some time to work on some new art. But here are two of my newest compositions. One dealing with the latest album and the other one with an album that has been released more than 10 years ago. Yeah you have guessed it. I'm talking about Awake the last Dream Theater album that features Kevin Moore on keys. Anyway the wallpapers are called Endless Sacrifice and The Mirror. I hope you enjoy them. :)

I've been kind of busy during the summer and I didn't really have the time to update my site. But here is a new wallpaper. It's from the Falling Into Infinity era and it's called Hollow Years. I also added some more pictures to the Miscellaneous section. Some more updates coming soon.

I had no update for a long long time. Sorry for that. The update this time though is bigger than usually to make up for that. ;) I've been really busy lately with all kinds of stuff and I didn't really have time to update my site but now I'm back again with some new wallpapers and some other goodies. :) I bought a new monitor as well and I decided to make my wallpapers at a bigger resolution from now on, 1280x960 pixels that is. For those of you who have a bigger monitor this is good news and for those of you who have a smaller monitor this is not so bad either because you can resize the wallpapers anytime so that they'll fit just fine. :) So on to new stuff. I have four new wallpapers. The first one is a Chroma Key one called Astronaut Down, the second one is a Jordan Rudess one called Shifting Sands. The third one is another cd cover for Grateful Dreams Trading. The bootleg is called Break Like The Wind. I finished this cover some time ago and I thought it would be cool to put it up here as well for all of you to see. The fourth one is a Dream Theater one for the contest over at Dream Theater X-treme (which has ended by now). The wallpaper is called Stream of Consciousness. Now if that weren't enough I got another update. :) I also updated the miscellaneous section of the site. I took some pics of my Dream Theater stuff and I put them up there. I hope you like all of the new stuff. :)

I've been into Transatlantic alot lately, and a few days ago I thought the time has come to make a new wallpaper. This music is just great and I really like it. It's very powerful yet very emotional...what can I say...the perfect combination. So here it is the new wallpaper, it's called Bridge Across Nowhere. Enjoy!

Finally my exams are over and it's great to have some more spare time to do some other things other than learning, eating and sleeping. :) I finished a new wallpaper inspired by the song Trial of Tears (from which my site got it's name) up off Falling Into Infinity. It's called The Wasteland. Once again I experimented with 3D and 2D combination and blending modes. Hope you like it. :) Enjoy!

Almost three months have passed since the new album came out and the new world tour has kicked off as well. I decided to continue with my Series 5 wallpapers and create a wallpaper also for the current look of www.dreamtheater.net. This is also my very first wallpaper in the new year. :) I hope you enjoy it!

The first update in the year 2004. A late "happy new year" to everybody :) I hope I can be as productive also in the new year as I was in the past years. We start off the new year with a wallpaper that I actually finished in 2003 but I didn't get round to putting it up 'til now. So here it is. A new Liquid Tension Experiment wallpaper called Another Dimension. The funny thing with this wallpaper is that it actually didn't start off as an LTE wallpaper but when the whole "creative process" progressed I thought it looked pretty cool and it had a cool vibe to it so I decided to spend some more time with it and turn it into a Liquid Tension Experiment wallpaper... :) Enjoy!

"6 o'clock on a christmas morning..." :) Well folks first of all merry christmas and happy holidays to you all and thanks for visiting my site and appreciating my work over the years. And because it's christmas I thought it's time to share my newest work with you. It is a new wallpaper series based on the new album Train of Thought! I hope you like it! Enjoy!

I finally got Dream Theater's new studio album Train of Thought (on Monday the 24th of November, 2003 at 1:00am lol) and it's fantastic. It rocks and when I say rocks then I mean it. :) It is very heavy, very guitar driven. The songs are excellent and the production and mix are also great! The artwork is really neat. All in all it was worth every cent. :) I'm gonna make some new wallpapers with the new theme. Now on to the updates. There are two new updates. I finished a new artwork for Grateful Dreams Trading. It is called A Labyrinth of Rules. The second update is about Jordan Rudess. I made a wallpaper which tries to capture his "14 days of studio madness". He just recorded his parts for his new solo album. You can read his studio diary at www.jordanrudess.com. The wallpaper is called The Journey of a Wizard. Enjoy!

Transatlantic's Live in Europe has been released not too long ago, so I decided to make some new Transatlantic wallpapers. The official site has been redesigned as well and looks amazing in my oppinion. Go check that out and also order the the newest release, Live in Europe which is available on CD as well as on DVD. The two new wallpapers are We All Need Some Light and My New World. Enjoy!

And finally the day has arrived, Dream Theater's new studio album is out, entitled Train of Thought. Allthough I didn't get to hear it yet, I made a wallpaper with the new theme! I hope you like it! Ladies and gentleman, here it is: Train of Thought. Enjoy! :)

Waiting for the new Dream Theater album to come out, I finished a new cd artwork for Grateful Dreams Trading. The artwork is for the 6/25/2003 show at Nextstage in Dallas, TX and I experimented again with some 2D and 3D combination. Enjoy!

I finished a new wallpaper, probably the last one until the new album comes out. Theme is the latest album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and the wallpaper is once again a "hybrid" wallapaper, that is I tried to mix 3D with 2D. The wallpaper is called Blind Faith. Enjoy!

It seems that I was in a "Chroma Key mood" these last two days. :) I've created yet another Chroma Key wallpaper. This time the theme was the second Chroma Key release entitled You Go Now. I also have to thank mrsroomman for the "CK font". Thanks roomiew :) The wallpaper is called: Chroma Key - You Go Now and you can find it as always in the wallpapers section. Enjoy!

I've always been a big fan of Kevin Moore the ex- keyboard player / composer / lyricist of Dream Theater. After he left the band he moved on and created his own project Chroma Key which is a whole other direction as what we were used to hear from him in Dream Theater. But I think he found his own style and he made some really good music. So here it is my homage to him and his music. The wallpaper is called: Chroma Key - Colorblind, named after a song from the first album. Enjoy!

And here it is, the very first update to the new site. :) The US Summer Tour 2003 with Queensrÿche and Fates Warning is over now and Weymolith the moderator over at www.mikeportnoy.com forum asked me to do a cd artwork for one of the shows. And I was really happy that he asked me 'cause I really wanted to make a cd cover which I haven't done for over a year now. So it was a good chance for me. The bootleg has the title Dreams of Queens and you can download a wallpaper of the cover as well as the artwork itself. You can also sign up for the trading tree for this bootleg here. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! Trial of Tears is up and running. After some months of "active" lazyness I finally came up with a design for the site. I hope you like it. Thanks for the following people for their help and inspiration throughout the years. Without them you probably wouldn't see this site here today. :) PetFish, the man who started the whole Dream Theater wallpaper thing with his first wallpapers back in 2001, Synthz another nice guy with some amazing skills with whom I had the chance to exchange great ideas and had much fun chatting with, then of course Mark Bredius, the man behind the look of DreamTheater.net and some other great progressive sites, further my brother who helped me at the very beginnings (and who also registered this domain for me, thanx bro' :)) and last but not least all the great visitors I had over at Nicholas' Nightmare Cinema in the past years. Thanks to everybody and I hope you all enjoy what you see here. Take a look around 'cause there's been some major updates mainly in the wallpapers section. Besides Dream Theater wallpapers, now you can also find wallpapers for some of the side projects that the band members are involved in. Enjoy! :)

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