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Welcome Mike Mangini! As you probably already know, Dream Theater has a new drummer in the person of Mike Mangini. With this monumental occasion, I felt appropriate to also make a few wallpapers and update the site. The wallpapers are available in all kinds of widescreen and fullscreen resolutions (see download links to the right). I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully more updates (audio and video) coming soon too. Enjoy!

Happy new year everyone and happy holidays. ;) Unfortunately I was too busy in the past few months and couldn't update the site more often...But here we are with another gem. It's one of the Home For The Holidays shows from 1998. This show is from the Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA - 12/27/1998 So without further ado, head over to the Sounds section and grab it. You know the drill ;) Enjoy!

After a loooong hiatus we are back with a new Bootleg of the Month. I know it's been almost 9 months and I really don't have any good excuse for my absence. One could say I was lazy, or maybe I just lost interest in this whole bootleg thing. But whatever happened, let's leave the past behind and concentrate on the present/future. The newest bootleg is actually a pretty old bootleg from some 10 years ago. It's a DVD bootleg from the Metropolis 2000 Tour and this specific show is from 05/06/2000 - Live at Olympic Tennis Stadium, Seoul, Korea It's a television broadcast. As far as I can remember it's with commercial and whatnot inbetween. Sorry for that I got it as is. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. So without further ado, head over to the Sounds section and grab it. Enjoy!

P.S.: I'm planning on updating the site more frequently in the next few months and to post at least a new bootleg every month until the end of the year. :)

Merry Christmas everyone! It's 6:00 on a Christmas morning as a famous song once said. And since it's Christmas time I wanted to share a very special gift with you all. Probably one of the best sounding bootlegs from the Black Clouds & Silver Linings Tour. The sound quality is as pristine as it gets, it's almost soundboard quality, so the recording is highly enjoyable. We are talking about the show from the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, Germany (2009-10-18). A huge shout out to the taper Dagobert who allowed me to share this. So without further ado, head over to the Sounds section and grab it. Enjoy!

P.S.: for anybody who likes Opeth, their set is included as well. :)

December brings a brand new Bootleg of the Month, hot off the press, only a week or so old. Fantastic quality, great setlist. Need I say more? The show is from the Hordern Pavilion, from Sydney Australia (2009-12-05) and features a great setlist with quite a few gems in there. So head over to the Sounds section and grab it. Enjoy!

We are back with a new bootleg in the Bootleg of the Month series. The following bootleg is an older one from the Falling Into Infinity tour. It features Anna Lee and Speak to Me, two songs that don't get played too often these days. It also features Trial of Tears which is one of my personal favorites and always a great song to hear live. The show is from the Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA (1998-05-09). The quality is good and the show has a great vibe to it and very enjoyable. As always, you can find the show in the Sounds section. Enjoy!

As promised two weeks ago, there's a new Bootleg of the Month up. Somewhat later than I intended, but better late, than never, right? ;) This bootleg is rather new, exactly one month old and it's obviously from the most recent leg of the Black Clouds & Silver Linings tour. It's a pretty special show, since there's the usual Rush tune thrown into the selist. Yes, you guessed it, it's the 2009-08-14 Toronto, Ontario show. The Sounds section is your friend as always. Enjoy! Oh, and if you were wondering which Rush tune they covered this time around. It was The Camera Eye up off Moving Pictures.

P.S.: The torrent also contains the opening bands' sets. Bigelf, Scale The Summit and Zappa Plays Zappa.

It's that time of the month again. The new Bootleg of the Month is up for grabs. We go waaaay back with this one. This is really old school, but great and very entertaining bit of the Dream Theater bootleg culture. I'm talking about the infamous Majesty Basement Tape from 1987. There's some great music, some goofing around, but you sit through all of it with a big smile on your face. Also the quality on this is A LOT better than on the Making of Images and Words. You find the new bootleg in the Sounds section as always. Enjoy!

P.S.: Also make sure to check back in a week or so, since I'm puttin up another (recent) bootleg from the Black Clouds & Silver Linings Tour.

New tour, new bootlegs, new Bootleg of the month. I've got something rather fresh from the most recent Progressive Nation '09 Tour. Basically the very first show of this leg. The performance is a bit rough at places, but all in all very enjoyable. Audio is not the best you've heard, but it's listenable. Video on the other hand is quite good though. I hope you all enjoy this one. Head over to the well know Sounds section to grab this bootleg. Thanks for the taper for taping and sharing. Enjoy!

Good news for everybody who missed out on previous installments of the Bootleg of the Month. I just put up an archive with all of the bootlegs that have been up since I started this Bootleg of the Month feature some 2 years ago. So if you missed out on any show, please head over to the ARCHIVES and grab the torrent file and download the show. Lots of great stuff from all eras. You get shows in audio format and dvd format as well. You can choose from as much as 15 different shows. Enjoy!

6 weeks to go until the release of Dream Theater's 10th studio album Black Clouds and Silver Linings. Exciting times. But before that I thought I'd put up another Bootleg of the Month. And we go way back with this one, to 1991 to be more exact, and to the recording sessions of Images and Words. I got a few emails and requests from people who wanted to see this, so I'd thought, why not. I'm not sure what the proper title of the bootleg is, I call it "Images and Words - The Beartracks Tapes" and it's basically a video filmed by Mike (well most of it) and it shows footage of the actual recording sessions for Images and Words. The quality is not that great as you might expect, (this is 1991 afterall and camcorders weren't that good that back and who knows how many VHS transfers this got through) but it's still highly enjoyable. I hope you like it. You'll find the torrent file in the Sounds section as usually.

I got a few emails over the past few weeks concerning artwork for the Irving Plaza DVD that's been up as part of the Bootleg of the Month. Petfish from the Mike Portnoy Forums was kind enough to make an artwork for the DVD (since some of his artwork was used for the menus as well). So here it is. Click here to download the .zip file with the booklet and the dvd label.

Big things happening in Dream Theater land. Mike Portnoy just announced the title and the track listing of the new album and the new artwork. I must say the artwork turned out great. So great that indeed I decided to do a wallpaper based on it while we are waiting for the album. See links to the right. So the new Dream Theater album is called Black Clouds & Silver Linings and it's going to be released on the 23rd of June 2009. Enjoy!

More info on the album can be found here.

UPDATE: I made two more version of the wallpaper. Both available in two sizes. Enjoy! :) See links to the right.

The first update of the year and we start off with a new Bootleg of The Month. This time around I got something form the Touring Into Infinity from 1997. The show we are talking about is the one from Irving Plaza, New York 1997-11-22. It's a great performance and the audio/video is great as well. Highly enjoyable gig. It has some nice extra stuff that you don't necessarily see everyday, like a performance of Perfect Strangers by Nightmare Cinema. Hope you enjoy it! You'll find the new bootleg on the Sounds page as usually.

You all probably thought that I'm never going to update the site again. Well you're wrong. :D Because here I am again with a new update! And a pretty cool one at that, if I may say so myself. The reason I haven't updated the site for so long is, that Chaos In Motion just came out two months ago and it would've been nonsense to put up a bootleg as well, because nobody would've listened to it / would've watched it. But here we are with a new DVD. The title of the DVD is The Rudess Experiment and it's the very first show of Jordan with the band dating back to 1994 (9th of September 1994 to be more precise at the Concrete Foundations Forum, Burbank, CA). So it was a one off show at that time and only five years later did Jordan join the band. The show itself is not too long but the quality is great. The audio is soundboard sourced and the camera is decent quality as well. So have at it and enjoy it! You'll find the new bootleg on the Sounds page as usually.

Small update. I just got an email from a person, who was kind enough to tell me that I made a small mistake with the artwork and I saved one file as a PSD. For those of you who don't know what to do with a PSD file and can't open it, here is a link to the artwork with only JPGs in it. Click here to download the good version of the artwork. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

Happy 5th birthday www.trialoftears.net! Yes, folks. It's been five years since I launched this website. It's great to see that there is still a lot of interest in Dream Theater related artwork and multimedia. Here's hoping for another 5 years. Now on to the update. I thought that for the 5th birthday I need something special and since we already had RJPass' AMAZING LA DVD, that was pretty much out of the game, so I came up with probably the second best audience video bootleg there is. I am talking about a show from the Train of Thought tour, more specifically 2004-03-25 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada. This is a two disc set and it's a really good recording. I also made some artwork for it a few years ago. So without further ado. Go over to the sounds page and download the torrent.

As promised a few weeks ago. July came and here we are with a new Bootleg of the Month. And what can I say. I am TOTALLY excited to announce this month's BOTM. To say that this is a stellar release would be an understatement. It is an AMAZING bootleg. First of all the quality of it is top notch, we could almost say it's soundboard sourced, but it's not and still it sounds excellent. Secondly, the performance itself is out of this world. Thirdly, the track listing can't get better (When The Water Breaks is in there, so it can't be a bad show). And if you were thinking all along that we are talking about a Dream Theater bootleg all along, you are wrong. This month's bootleg of the month is none other than a show from the 10th Anniversary Reunion Tour of Liquid Tension Experiment. Yes, you heard it right, LTE had a mini tour throughout the US this past week and this particular show is from the B.B. King in New York City - 2008-06-23 (the second show from that day, to be more specific). A HUGE Thank You! goes out to the guy who taped this amazing show and who was generous enough to offer this up. Thank You Smokescreen!!! I chose this show as bootleg of the month, because I am sure many people are interested in hearing a recording from the most recent LTE tour. So without further ado, go over to the sounds section, download this amazing recording and enjoy it. I know, I have.

UPDATE: I just uploaded a zip file with some 700+ photos from the most recent LTE Tour. There is also a text file with links to videos and reviews. Click HERE to download the .zip file.

Added one more Mike Portnoy interview with Eddie Trunk from 2006. Also updated the Chaos in Motion Tour Pictures with another batch of new photos from Venezuela.

No update for quite some time. But I have something different and interesting this time around. First off we have the Chaos In Motion Tour 2007/2008 Tour Pictures, which is a zip file of around 700Mb and it contains some 4000+ pictures from the most recent Chaos In Motion World Tour 2007/2008, that just ended a few weeks ago. If you didn't have the chance to go to a show and you only got to hear audio boots until now, this is your chance to see some amazing pictures. I have to mention here that I can't take credit for any of these pictures, I just saved them throughout the tour from various sites and various forums. So if there's a picture, that you don't want to see up here, please let me know and I'm going to remove them.

Second off we have a few interviews with Mike Portnoy. Mike had several appearances at Eddie Trunks radio show. Here are the interviews from 2007 and 2008 (which are related to Systematic Chaos and the Chaos In Motion tour). Go to the sounds section and scroll down.


P.S.: A new bootleg of the month is going to be up at the beginning of July.

Wow. I know. It's been a while since I updated the site. I just didn't have the time to update in the past months, I was just working, working and constantly working. I'm sure many of you checked back to see if there's a new bootleg. (I hope you enjoyed the LA video in the meantime) Well there is one right now! This shows is from the Evening With Shows from Tilburg, Holland (04/15/1997) from before Falling Into Infinity came out. They are playing the new material, which includes Hell's Kitchen as well, which was still part of Burning My Soul at that time. And there are a few other goodies there as well. The Killing Hand '97 version and Caught In Alice's Nine Inch Tool Garden (a twisted version of Caught In A Web). So check it out! Hope you enjoy it. And I promise I try to get back into the habit of posting one bootleg each month. :)

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